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My professional curiosity I credit to my first employer.  To be curious to learn more, to learn from a many sources, and to think laterally.  My favourite teachers have become a collection of european osteopaths and american physical therapists – leading thinkers in their field, who possess exceptional hands on skills that are grounded in anatomy and physiology.

Their interest in movement and function extends to all moving elements of the human body: muscles, joints, nerves, bones, internal organs, blood and lymph flow, tendons, ligaments – fascia and connective tissue of all types – and how therapists can use gentle and specific touch to improve their movement and function.

My aim is to use these combined skills to address the problems that people present with in context of their entire body.

In my spare time you’d find me in my kitchen-garden, with my head in a book, in a yoga class, at the beach or spending time with friends and family.

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