Breath and Breathing

Nervous System Reset

This 15 minute Nervous System Reset sequence connects you to your Reticular Activating/Alarm System*, your Limbic System**, and areas of high activity for your Autonomic Nervous System*** ie Sympathetic and Parasympathetic (Vagus). Use this awareness exercise to reset and resynchronise your nervous system.


Q “How do I breathe with my Diaphragm??”

“So What is a Diaphragm breath??”  This question often comes up in conversation.  Very good question. A couple of my previous blogs discuss breath already, but I’ve come across some more good words/pictures/links that I like on the subject.First up let’s clear one thing up — with every single breath you take you are using your diaphragm, unless you are on a ventilator, that is.  True.  The detail after this lies in: