Visualising Internal Organ Movement



Imaging of visceral movement with breath conducted by Belgian Osteopaths.  They have imaged normal and abnormal visceral movement comparisons, and also pre- and post-treatment visceral movement comparisons.

The Helical Heart

3D movement and function of the heart as a vortex

Diaphragm in Action

Real time video XR imaging – notice movement of the diaphragm, ribs, heart, lungs & liver

Diaphragm 3D Animation

Accurate  animation of normal diaphragm action

Beth’s First Laryngoscopy

Vocal cords in action


On Anatomy, Fascia and Connective Tissue


Gil Hedley’s Integral Anatomy Dissection Series

Gil Hedley’s Somanaut YouTube channel includes his 4 volume Integral Anatomy dissection series.  Progresses through layers of the body for an perspective on how layers and systems integrate – Skin and Superficial Fascia, Deep Fascia and Muscle, Cranial and Visceral Fascia and finally Visceral Fascia

In the way that the map is not the territory – the anatomy text book is not the human body.  This series offers a fascinating and important insight into the integrated human form.  To have watched this series has certainly added new qualities to information I feel in my hands as a therapist.

Extra Videos:  including The Heart Dance, Fascia Stretching and  “The Fuzz Speech”, and short excerpts from Integral Anatomy dissection:    Our Sacred HeartsLungs Breathing, Diaphragm-Transversus Abdominus Relationship

Dr Jean-Claude Guimberteau Videos

French plastic and hand surgeon who’s “current passion lies in exploring and defining the movement of tissues beneath the skin, using intraoperative endoscopic visualization of living tissue  … he has developed a new concept on living tissues and proposed a new paradigm for the development of biological structure in man.”

Fascinating, intriguing, mind-blowing must watch if you have any interest in the body and how living tissue is constructed.

Biotensegrity | a new way of modelling biologic forms

A perspective on biological forms through the lens of  Tensegrity, or “Tension Integrity”, which is an architectural principle in which structural balance is maintained between isolated rigid compression elements inside a net of continuous tension.  Such structures are lightweight, efficient and resilient.  There are many examples of this in nature including the human body.

Steven M Levin MD, Orthopaedic Surgeon re-examines the application of “Newtonian mechanics as it would be applied to a column or building built with rigid materials and standing in one place on solid ground … humans, and all biologic structures, are mobile, omnidirectional, gravity independent structures built of ‘soft materials’, foams, colloids and emulsions … mechanicals laws as applied to these structures may be different. It is impossible to explain the mechanics of a dinosaurs neck using standard Newtonian mechanics.”  Published papers, modelling, commentary & further resource links.

Fascia Congress

Website for International Fascia Research Congress.  Abstracts from 2007200920122015 and 2018.


On Individual Treatment Modalities


Barral Institute Australia

What are Visceral Manipulation (VM)Neural Manipulation (NM), and Manual Articular Approach (MAA)?

Chikly Institute Australia

What is Lymphatic Drainage Therapy?

Interview w Jean-Pierre Barral


Research and Articles


Kidney Mobilisation and Ultrasound Documentation

Thesis research by Jaques-Marie Michallet, student of Jean-Pierre Barral.  Ultrasound was used to measure and document changes in amount of Kidney movement in 25 people before and after treatment.  Subjects were experiencing back pain +/- cystitis, UTI, knee pain, sciatica or SIJ pain.

23 demonstrated clear increase in Kidney movement immediately after treatment.  18 cases were re-examined 2-6 months later, showing improvements either were maintained or  continued to improve.

Visceral Manipulation and Atrial Fibrillation

Video:  Dr Mariotti gives a preview of soon to be released research by international lecturer for the Barral Institute AJ De Koning, DO, & Dr Stefano Bianchi, Cardiologist, on the application of visceral manipulation with patients experiencing atrial fibrillation.

Article:  Arrhythmias, Vagus Nerve, Visceral Manipulation and Neural Manipulation A.J. DeKoning.  Research + discussion of relationship between stomach and heart.

The Effect of Visceral Manipulation on Diastasis Recti Abdominus

Research presented at American Physical therapists association.  Improvements in Diastasis Recti post partum abdominal separation measured in 3 women.

Peritoneal Adhesions – two articles

Presence and Distribution of Sensory Nerve Fibers in Human Peritoneal Adhesions Hassan Sulaiman, FRCS, Giorgio Gabella, MD, PhD, Christine Davis, MSc, Steven E. Mutsaers, PhD, Paul Boulos, MS, FRCS, Geoffrey J. Laurent, PhD, and Sarah E. Herrick, PhD. Annals of Surgery Vol. 234, No. 2, 256–261 © 2001 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Inc.

Human peritoneal adhesions are highly cellular, innervated, and vascularized Sarah E. Herrick , Steven E. Mutsaers , Peter Ozua , Hassan Sulaiman , Abdul Omer , Paul Boulos , Martyn L. Foster , Geoffrey J. Laurent. Journal of Pathology Early View. Vol. 192 Issue 1, pp. 67-72. 26 Jun 2000 (online). © 2008 Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

Barral Institute Australia Video Resources

Case Presentation 1: chronic problems involving adhesions after multiple bowel surgeries improved with visceral manipulation.

Case Presentation 2:  chronic abdominal pain, back pain and depression related to history of difficult bowel and shoulder surgeries improved with visceral manipulation.

Case Presentation 3:  Dr Mariotti explains the relationship between the viscera (organs) of the pelvic region and lower back pain supported by a patient case study.

Visceral Mobility:   Dr Mariotti explains the effects that adhesions can have on visceral mobility, with the support of a study done by Gil Hedley, showing images of fresh dissections from the study.

Listening Techniques: Dr Mariotti explains what the Listening Technique is, and how it is used to assess the body and to guide treatment.

Neuroplasticity of the Gut, Visceral Adhesions and Visceral Manipulation: Dr Mariotti presents at Australian Osteopathic Association, annual convention, 2013 Perth, Australia

Visceral Manipulation Research:  Dr Mariotti shares research completed by Jean-Pierre Barral, DO, Gail Wetzler, PT and Daniel Amen, MD, regarding visceral manipulation and its effects on the brain as demonstrated by the use of SPECT scans.

Ricky Williams Concussion Pilot Study


Visceral Manipulation Research and Article Database | Barral Institute


Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Research and Articles | Chikly Institute


Cranial Suture Mobility

Assessment of calvarial structure motion by MRI (Crow 2009) MRI images serial slices through the same plane over 6 minutes demonstrate statistically significant changes in skull dimensions.  For the nerds: references 1, 6, 17 are interesting to follow

Research relevant to cranial osteopathy page on Art of Osteopathy website:  collection of referenced articles relating to cranial/sacral/dural mobility and palpatory reliability.

Summary of peer reviewed articles relating to cranial therapies on the Osteopathic Cranial Academy website


Leading International Practitioners


Visceral Synergy

website for Dr Ron Mariotti, Seattle based Naturopathic Doctor and VM Instructor

Wetzler Integrative Physical Therapy Centre

website for Gail Wetzler, Los Angeles based Physical Therapist and VM Curriculum co-developer




Barral Institute

International Course Schedule for Visceral Manipulation (VM), Neural Manipulation (NM) and Manual Articular Approach (MAA)

Barral Institute Australia

Australian Course Schedule for VM, NM, MAA

Chikly Institute

International Course Schedule for Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT)

Chikly Institute Australia

Australian Course Schedule for Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT)




The Earth’s Viscosity

The earth has viscosity (“thick, sticky, semi-fluid consistency)!!  Who would have thought… Modelling of variable rotational speeds and axes of movement.  Cool movies

Water Cure

On the importance of drinking enough water, the human body being  composed of ~80% water.  In short:  for each 30kg of your body weight, drink 1L of water.  You can count herbal tea, green tea.

Cor-Kinetic Blog

Pain is in the brain” – is it a load of s**t?’ is the article that got my attention – a reflection on mis/interpretations of modern pain neuroscience.  Really appreciate the rest of their blog series too.  “Is there such  a thing as a bad exercise? Or just bad application?”  or ‘Are you in love with a ‘Magic Muscle”‘ and ‘What does the evidence tell us is the best exercise for back pain?‘  Well informed examinations of beliefs about movement and pain based on re/examination of evidence, refreshingly dosed with  irreverent good humour.

Biotensegrity Blog | John Sharkey

John Sharkey, clinical anatomist, exercise physiologist and neuromuscular therapist, teaches on a wide range of topics related to human movement, BioTensegrity and bodywork therapy.

Liberated Body Podcast

“Liberated Body is where body nerds unite. There is so much exceptional work going on in the wide variety of somatic fields* and at Liberated Body we are building bridges between disciplines and diving into the latest insights about this wondrous thing we get to live in.”