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Purchase 1: $60
Purchase 2: $110

Discover your natural healing potential with the CranioCradle.  Place it under the back of your head, neck and body to rest away your aches and pains.  As you relax onto the CranioCradle, your joints will decompress and cramped tense muscles will gently release – giving you profound relief and deep relaxation!

Relax tense, tired muscles … Relieve nagging aches, pains and fatigue … Restore your body to a deep state of comfort … Naturally


$65 (pair)

Hands down the best way to increase flexibility, range of motion and alignment of your feet.  The curved and textured shape of the Hedgehogs is great for loosening up all those hard to get to areas in your feet.  Feet are your foundation – your connection to ground.


Foot Savers

$65 (pair)

 Progress from Foot Wakers to Foot Savers for more precision in foot mobility and alignment.  Smaller and harder than Foot Wakers, are an intense, powerful tool for improving foot function.  A tool to re-educate your feet, improve muscle tone, and stimulate reflexology points

**not for use during pregnancy

Neuromuscular Orthoses by Barefoot Science




Neuromuscular Orthoses

Therapeutic 7 step $150


Massage Balls

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Small, Medium or Large
$15 each

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Hard:  $20
(Large size)

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Acuball: $40
Acuball Mini: $30

Gift Voucher

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Initial Physiotherapy Consult: $180


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UTMOY Body: $30
UTMOY Joints: $32
Purchase both books: $55

Understanding the Messages of Your Body by Jean-PierreBarral DO (239p)

We are all born with certain parts of our bodies that are less healthy than others.  As stresses and traumas of life accumulate, these areas become what Jean-Pierre Barral calls our bodies’ “weakest link.”  This is especially the case with our internal organs.  In this book, Barral discusses each organ and its complex relationship with the rest of the body, explaining how pain can originate with an emotional upset that creates distress in an organ, or how a physically damaged organ can contribute to emotional problems.

What is your weakest link, and what can you do to look after yourself?

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UTMOY Body: $30
UTMOY Joints: $32
Purchase both books: $55

Understanding the Messages of Your Joints by Jean-PierreBarral DO (239p)

A book along similar lines to Understanding The Messages of Your Organs, but instead from the perspective of joints.  Learn how all aspects of your health and well being relate to your joints.  How do your emotions and behaviour interact with physical injuries to affect your joints?

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$15 each

Women’s Waterworks by Pauline Chiarelli PhD (64p)

A simple clear guide to Pelvic Floor Health & Continence.  With simple language & diagrams it explains normal anatomy and function of pelvic floor and continence mechanisms, what can go wrong & what you can do to help your self.

Highly Recommended for women of all ages