Other Resources


Exercise and Movement


 Tapfit A client described Tap-Fit as a great cardio workout for people who enjoy music and dance, and who perhaps don’t enjoy the gym!


 Gaia Yoga  Extensive online Yoga resource for your home Yoga practice


Meditation and Mindfulness


 Osho A client put me on to Osho having found his writings on mindfulness made more sense to her than other writers.  I found it largely refreshing and practical



re nutrition … I often have conversation with w people about their general health and nutrition,  recommending moves towards whole/real foods and away from processed foods/products.  It makes a difference to how effective I can be in helping you to feel well.  Past starting with the basics/obvious, I encourage people to as needed speak with their doctor, seek out a good functional medicine/integrative/nutritional/environmental medicine doctor, &/or a good naturopath/nutritionist/dietician for individual advice about specific needs. 

Well Nourished Practical resource for a whole foods approach to nutrition — recipes, basic nutrition information, stocking your pantry, healthy ideas for kids and a great newsletter!


Well Nourished Blog | How to eat wholefoods on a tight budget


Whole 30 A 30 day whole foods program to kickstart change.  Well resourced w books, recipes, and preparing for success. 


Real Plans A partner site to Whole 30 — whole food meal planning w choices for Traditional, Paleo, Vegetarian and Auto-Immune Protocol approaches to nutrition


Whole Grains Council Get the most out of your grains — nutritional information about whole grains A-Z, gluten free whole grains, and sprouted whole grains


Skippy Grain Mills Importer of quality electric and hand grain mills — maximise the nutritional quality of your whole grains by making your own fresh flour and flakes


Optimising Nutrition Nutrition choices to optimise insulin levels, and/or to optimise your nutritional density specific to your individual needs