COVID-19 | Clinic and TeleHealth

updated 13th May 2020

I have been working from my home clinic at The Gap Tues-Fri with reduced hours & new protocols.  I have introduced a TeleHealth video consult option.  As of 19th May I will start working from City Cave again on Tuesdays, adding Fridays from 26th May.  At some stage during June I will introduce Wednesdays.  I will continue @ The Gap on Thursdays.  Mondays by negotiation.

re new clinic protocols

Ahead of each appointment I am confirming the following:

  • that people have been well for the last 14 days, as have people they live with/have had contact with.  No cough, sore throat, sniffles, temperatures, gastro.  
  • if any travel in the past 14 days

At each appointment I am:

  • taking people’s temperature (laser forehead thermometer)
  • providing alcohol based hand cleaner on arrival, and
  • asking people to let me know if they become unwell at all in the two weeks after an appointment

I am being particular with surface & hand hygiene:

  • usual clean + alcohol clean any surfaces people use/touch. 
  • clear separation of surfaces that I touch and that you touch eg payments are either paypass or bank transfer
  • fresh cover over pillow for each appointment, and avoiding using the face hole
  • allowing 15min between appointments for cleaning and to avoid wait times

re new TeleHealth video appointments:

With restrictions on physical contact, I got curious about what could be done as an alternative – about what was possible – and dived into the realm of TeleHealth.  Possibilities include:

  • Aiming to replicate a hands on treatment as closely as possible with the tools at hand:
    • Instead of assessing with looking and feeling, I rely only on the looking – comparable to the way that someone who loses their sight might increase their hearing or touch senses.  With experience there are many clues in the way someone holds themselves, the way they move.
    • I decide on the area I would treat, and orient you to the anatomy of the area using screen share & description.
    • I can show you where to place your hands, and talk you through a very precise/targeted awareness/mindfulness process
    • The aim is to bring your body/nervous system awareness to a specific place in a way that creates opportunity for change.

So far, people have been getting clear changes in freedom of movement, and improvement in how they feel during TeleHealth appointments.  People have enjoyed the extra connection with their own bodies/breath/awareness.  

  • Home Exercise Program review
  • Home Office Ergonomics review

Let me know if there you have any other suggestions

Introductory fees for Video Consults (until 30 June)

  • First video consult 50% off usual fee — to say thank you for taking the leap into the unexpected with me, and to allow for some inevitable fussing with navigating a video appointment for the first time
  • Subsequent video consults 20% off usual fee


Telehealth FAQ


what do I need for a video consult?

  • phone, tablet or laptop & internet connection.  Where there is a choice, a larger screen can be better for image sharing

what app or platform do you use:

  • CorePlus.  You will receive login details with your confirmation email & text.  No app download required, although CorePlus does require Google Chrome.  CorePlus Telehealth is designed with Australian health practitioners in mind.

how do I make an appointment?

  • for all appointments in person or video, be in touch directly with me by either phone (0427 814 161 or 3103 3719) or email

what do I wear?

  • clothing that you can move easily in, and that I can see your movement relatively easily in.  clothing does not need to be skin tight but very loose/flowing/bulky clothing can make it more difficult for me to see your movement.
  • preferably top & bottom ie for women preferably not a dress.  Shorts allow me to see more information about your knee/foot/ankle movement.  Top & bottom allow me to see more information about your torso/spine/core.
  • appointments can be conducted fully clothed.  If it would be helpful for me to see more of your movement, removing layers will be discussed in context of your personal preferences and privacy considerations

what space/props do I need?

It is useful for me to be able to see you

  • full length standing – for looking at bending forwards, backwards, etc
  • walking eg the length of a hallway
  • laying down – so that I can see at least head & torso eg bed, couch, exercise mat on the floor

For home workstation assessments it is useful for me to be able to see you at your workstation from different angles, and to see the different places that you use as workstation/s

will video consultations be recorded?

  • no, consultations as a routine are not recorded.  If there is a specific reason for recording all or part of a consultation it is possible eg for your record of an exercise I demonstrate.  This is only after discussion and with your agreement.

how are payments made?

  • you can choose to pay either by card at the end of the consult, or by bank transfer.

Be in touch if you have any other questions about video consultations




For more information or to make an appointment contact me on 0427 814 161, 3103 3719 or by email